CCTV & Surveillance

We Tailor Robust Security Surveillance for You

While the advent of modern tools and technologies has made business operations easy, it has also opened doors for potential criminal activities. QIS’s years of experience have made us deliver prompt and timely solutions to stop and prevent illegal activities on-premise. We offer robust CCTV/Surveillance Systems to monitor threats, which enable clients to take prompt and strategized actions. While security personnel does commendable work, they cannot be everywhere, all the time. CCTV cameras can be placed in areas where human lives are vulnerable, such as remote and isolated warehouse location with no access to commute or areas which are extremely populated and hard to monitor – parking lots, commercial spaces, residential properties, etc.

CCTV/Surveillance is better than man guards inevitably because they do not publicly distribute vulnerable footages and share video records, nor do they miss a pulse in monitoring premises. They are alert 24/7 and report instantly.

We Offer Two Types of Solutions:

  • CMS (CCTV Monitoring System) for supermarkets, warehouses, banking, ATM facilities, industrial plants and factories, control rooms, legal, educational institutions, and vehicle parking.
  • CCTV Camera Installation
    • CCTV tracking integrated with CMS
    • Commissioning, installation, and tracking
    • Site survey system in real-time
    • AMC with ticketing system

Our Security Service Includes:

  • Round the clock security monitoring powered by IT
  • Centralized surveillance for seamless data management in real-time
  • Vehicle scanning and tracking system powered by AI
  • NAS based surveillance camera for remote backup, running FTP, etc.
  • CCTV health monitoring software solutions
  • Cloud recording to access data virtually anywhere
  • Transport management powered by GPS technology