Access Control (ACS) and Intrusion Detection Services (IDS)

We Design and Develop Integrated Intrusion Detection and Security Systems to Improve Surveillance

As our businesses turn bigger and complex by the day, our assets have become vulnerable to numerous security threats, both internal and external. Having a robust perimeter security system will help you regulate your access control and monitor intrusion in real-time.

QIS helps you find the best security systems that best suit your business goals and then design and install IT-based integrated intrusion detection systems and access control to protect your infrastructural vulnerabilities. We offer both custom integrated solutions to standard individual products to help increase your security cost-effectively.

What Do We Offer:

To heighten the security of sensitive information and vulnerable assets, we use custom and standard access control systems powered by best technology partners. We develop a centralized solution for multiple access points and multiple properties. Centralized access control eases out monitoring and effectively reduces theft and accidents in real-time.

ACS (Access Control Systems): Biometric Device, Card Readers, Finger Print Access, Entrance Gate Automation, Iris Scanning, Electronic Locks, and any other custom solution you prefer. We not only install new solutions, but we can also integrate ACS software with existing ERPs.

IDS (Intrusion Detection System): We offer Host Intrusion Detection System (HIDS), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and Network Intrusion Detection System(NIDS).


Benefits of Using our Security Systems:

  • Strategically designed and installed to ensure minute physical disturbances are detected and notified hastily
  • All communication lines are installed with sensing fibers to detect disturbances on location pathways
  • Physical movements, such as vehicular and pedestrian traffic are detected by the highly sensitive monitoring fiber
  • The sensing fiber can provide location information in realtime and can be stretched up to 25 Kilometers
  • By installing multiple sensing fibers, location and detection accuracy increases in manifolds
  • Sensing fiber is buried to ensure comprehensive security
  • You can customize the depth of sensing fiber based on property configuration and condition and sensing requirements
  • Our discrete sensor systems provide specific status information, such as for a particular door, stairway, access hatch, etc., are available in different configurations, are corrosion resistant, and cannot be electrically by-passed