IT & Networking Infrastructure Services

We Provide and Boost Secure Networking for Effective Virtual Communication

QIS virtualizes your work environment with secure and seamless IT and Networking services by leveraging the best technology and a unified computing system. It doesn’t matter whether you operate on a single server or 500 servers in your system, the unified domain management will not only increase IT personnel’s productivity but also reduce ownership cost considerably.

Our key differentiation lies in custom wireless network infrastructure services which enable companies to have online access to data anywhere and anytime with high speed, good bandwidth, and comprehensive security. We offer a number of IT & Networking support applications by industry leaders.

Our Data Center Service Solutions Include:

  • Unified data management network fabric, based on quality standards, powered by global industry leaders to make your business agile
  • Our data center services shall enable you to regulate your critical errors, performances, and downtime and provide you with opportunities for optimization to grow your business rapidly
  • Our data center storage solutions are coupled with good power backup, electrical energy panels, raised floors, structured and secure cabling, and protection from accident to ensure your infrastructure is designed to address complex IT problems with flexibility and agility

Our IT Networking Solutions Include:

  • Get high-speed networking solutions, including small to moderate range for commercial spaces, WiFi based networking, and Bluetooth enabled infrastructure solutions.
  • WiFi networking is perfect for large corporations and educational campuses for classroom training, meetings, and auditoriums. We also provide Wifi secure networking solutions for SMEs
  • Bluetooth wireless technology for networking is apt for companies planning to integrate AI -based voice and data applications. They can be easily interconnected with any mobile devices
  • We have certified experts that leverage the latest inventions by top Networking and Security OEMs