Fire Safety and Smoke Detection

We Are Your PPEs against Fire

Fire is the fastest spreading calamity and only quick response can minimize the damage considerably. QIS provides effective fire detection and safety services to prevent and lessen the damage caused due to fire breaks. They include:

Fire Alarm Installation

  • We design and implement manual fire alarm systems, fire detectors, smoke sensors, and heat detectors
  • QIS fire alarm detector can effectively detect smoke, fire, and increased C02 level in air through visual, audio, and UV rays enabled sensors
  • For improvised alarm and notification, we can also install mountable sounders and motorized bells
  • QIS fire alarm systems are ideal for industrial plants, factories, warehouses, and manufacturing units

Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • To eliminate fire damage, we install sprinklers across all optimal points of commercial buildings
  • The sprinklers are integrated with fire alarm systems and respond to an active fire alarm
  • Activated sprinklers automatically distribute water through hose pipes until manually turned off
  • They are effective for warehouses, factories, basement, industrial plants, hospitals and places where the risk of fire is more

Fire Extinguishers

  • QIS fire extinguishers can be installed in residential areas, schools, colleges, healthcare facilities, and other commercial buildings to manually stub out small to medium-sized fire breaks
  • We deliver the best active fire protection extinguishers, along with installation and user guidelines
  • We can also install appropriate powder extinguishers at smoke prone environments, escape routes, and other places where risks of explosions are generally high

Fire Hydrant Systems

  • We design and install one of the best electricity or diesel-powered fire and jockey pumps for warehouse and commercial buildings safety
  • Right from FHC to brigades for firefighters we have the expertise and partners to provide all fire hydrant systems and tools